Q&A with Tanu Chawla, AI Strategist at Herbalife

February 8, 2022 | Women In Technology

Firstly, please introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Tanu Chawla, I lead the AI strategy for Herbalife Nutrition - I’m going to be at Women of Silicon Valley talking about scaling ai within my organization. Please feel free to join me to learn more about the challenges that I faced as I navigated through that.

What are you looking forward to at Women of Silicon Valley?

I’m really pumped and excited to meet other women, incredible women, at the event and hear about their stories and their journeys. As a woman, I see the key to success as women empowering each other, and this event provides us with that platform, so I’m really excited.

What advice would you give to a woman looking to step up their career in tech?

I think based on my experience, two things that really stand out to me are; keep upskilling yourself. Upskill yourself regularly to be relevant to what the market expects you to be, and then speak up for yourself. You should be able to ask for what you deserve - sometimes it’s not just the outside world, but sometimes it’s us as women undermining ourselves with lots of self-doubts, so I think speaking up for yourself is really important.

What do you see as the biggest challenge currently facing women in technology?

I think the biggest challenge women in tech are facing is, how do we move up the ladder? Honestly, I think starting a career in tech is not that much of a challenge, but sustaining a career with good career growth and pay parity is the biggest challenge today. If someone isn’t getting a good career, they might fall out of the workforce at some point, and that is what we’re seeing today. While organizations are working towards becoming less gender-biased and promoting more diversity, the change that is coming in is really slow. I think this challenge is something that is bigger than we expect, and something needs to happen sooner than later to have more women in the workforce, especially in the tech sector.

With the theme of the event as Resilience, as a woman in tech, what does resilience mean to you?

Resilience to me is showing up every day - be it tough days or returning from a long maternity break, showing up is important because after returning from such an event, when you show up the next day you show up a little wiser and a little stronger, so to me resilience is all about getting up and showing up the next day.

Catch Tanu’s session Scaling AI at Women of Silicon Valley on 10-11th May 2022.