How will Tech Transform the Way we View Sports? Sandra Lopez, VP at Intel Sports Shares Her Insight

In this Q&A, Sandra Lopez, Vice President at Intel Sports Group, shares insight on what drove her to a long career at Intel, how the way we view sports will be transformed and some of the points she'll be discussing at Women of Silicon Valley this May 2020.

Women of Silicon Valley 2020: Agenda at a Glance

November 14, 2019 | Katrina Hinrichsen

We're thrilled to announce that our Women of Silicon Valley agenda is now live and jam-packed with even more stimulating talks, workshops and content than ever before - take a first look.

Women of Silicon Valley is back!

Calling all female tech innovators, leaders and disruptors! The Women in Tech World Series is returning to Santa Clara on May 4-5 2020. It's the West Coast’s biggest celebration of the successes and innovations being engineered by women from across the tech sector.