What do you see as the biggest challenge currently facing women in tech?

January 26, 2022 | Women In Technology

Women of Silicon Valley Blog

We’re all aware of the challenges that women continue to face in the tech industry, which is why we continue to empower and inflict change through our events. Find out what some of our speakers think the biggest challenges are for women in tech below. 

Cynthia Long, Continuous Improvement Lead & Business Transformation Strategist, Intuit:

Bias in hiring, promotion and of course, salaries is always an issue – even companies that speak to those issues, still sometimes fall short. When going into an interview – and you only have 6 of the 10 things listed, APPLY - men do it all the time, so should we! In a meeting - be heard. Two things I learned, my being shy/introverted never got me where I wanted to be. If someone interrupts you, it’s okay to interrupt back, and say, “Excuse me, I hadn’t finished my point”.

Priya Sodha, Career Strategist & Founder, Innergem:

That there are not enough of us & that women have the opportunity to open doors for other women.

Ling Gee, Chief Commercial Officer & Chief of Staff, EdCast:

Being willing to lean in, and recognizing that an opportunity has presented itself. Women believe that “if they thought I was “good enough” they would ask me. Instead we should think about how much we can contribute. We should not think of how someone will “think about my being too aggressive, if I simply start doing what I know will address the situation.

Aji Oliyide, Program Manager, Google:

One challenge is how to stay competitive and sustain the career velocity you desire along with motherhood. Some tech companies are better than others, but there’s still work to be done to support women in a way that does not put them in a disadvantageous position as compared to men.

Ellen Twomey, CEO, You are TechY:

This is unlikely to be a popular answer, but - themselves. I do not deny bias in our workforce. My perspective is that by focusing on what you can control, you will get much further than by focusing on other people’s bad behavior. Plus, I frequently see women undervalue themselves. They look to the past as evidence of what they are capable of, but a new you emerges with new goals.