What's in Store for the Future of Data Protection? Claire Trimble of Lastline Reveals Her Predictions

January 14, 2020 | Claire Trimble, CMO at Lastline


Claire Trimble, Chief Marketing Officer at Lastline, will be speaking on 'What the Future Holds for the Protection of our Data' at the Women of Silicon Valley event this May, 2020. Here she discusses her role, who inspires her, and delves into some of the topics around data that she will be speaking about at the conference:

What will attendees learn from listening to your talk at Women of Silicon Valley?

Attendees will learn how market transitions and new technology innovation will both revolutionize and create the potential for a perfect storm in the future of data protection. According to IDC, 85% of enterprise decision-makers say they have a time frame of two years to make significant inroads into digital transformation or they will fall behind their competitors and suffer financially.

"your digital transformation plans will fail without paying close attention to digital trust"

Further compounding this is the simple truth that your digital transformation plans will fail without paying close attention to digital trust. Innovation and market transitions in technology such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing and cloud migration will accelerate this digital transformation but also increase the complexity of the world’s ability to protect data.

Attendees will learn how enterprises will need to plan for new market transitions and invest in new innovation, talent and processes in order to move their digital transformation forward, while simultaneously ensuring the security of customer data. 


What are you most excited about at Women of Silicon Valley?

I’m excited to network and learn from women that lead different areas of business and technology in the Valley. Women networking with women in a forum like this is invaluable. There are so many of us doing amazing work locally and the opportunity to both speak to peers and learn from them is incredibly thrilling.


Can you describe your typical day at work?

When you are at a fast growing, cybersecurity company like Lastline you have your hands in a lot of different areas of the business. I like to write in the early morning when my brain is fresh, developing messaging, responding to emails or editing content from the team.

In any given day I am briefing analysts, talking to partners and customers or working with my team on our various programs. I work with an amazing team, all of whom have many years of cybersecurity experience. The only thing typical about a day at an agile cybersecurity company is that it’s never typical.


Did Zuckerberg’s 2018 Congress testimony and the 2014 celebrity cloud leaks have a significant impact on your work? 

Both of these incidents had an impact on what we all do in the Valley. The cloud leaks made everyone, both personally and professionally, think very carefully about the data we create and how it is stored. Additionally, it made us realize that even celebrities are human beings and make similar choices and mistakes around their own data. I keep big incidents like this in the back of my mind when considering how organizations should be collecting and protecting customer data.

Mr. Zuckerberg’s testimony and the issues around third parties like Cambridge Analytica remind me that no matter what happens to customer data, or who we hand it off to for processing, ultimately the buck stops with me and it is my responsibility to make sure that data is being used in ways that are consistent with how our customers intended it to be used. Treating customer data with the utmost of care and acting ethically at all times underpins every decision I make when it comes to data.


Data is now said to be the world’s most valuable resource, what changes do you expect to see in the data ecosystem in the future?

I think we will continue to see an evolution of compliance and new leadership roles. We are already seeing roles like Chief Trust and Privacy Officer, and I expect this will continue in the coming years. We are already witnessing technology consolidation from security perspective.

I suspect that with GDPR in full force in the EU and CCPA about to come into force here in California, we are going to see many violations and fines by companies who aren’t treating customer data with the respect it deserves. It will only take a few large penalties before other companies sit up and realize that regulators are not playing games anymore.


Who is your female tech inspiration and why?

I had the opportunity to be introduced to Jen Easterly from Morgan Stanley a few months ago. I only spoke with her on the phone a couple of times, yet she inspired me in so many ways. With her background having graduated from West Point and having served the United States in so many critical roles that are typically male dominated, I have to admit I was a bit nervous when I got on the phone with her for the first time.

She couldn’t have been more gracious to speak with me. On top of her day job as a managing director at Morgan Stanley, Jen is involved with CyberNation, a non-profit organization that is redefining public safety for the digital age. She is so inspirational.

About the speaker

Claire Trimble is the CMO at Lastline, an AI-cybersecurity company that detects and contains the most sophisticated threats. Claire has over 25 years of experience working across both Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized growth companies. Her diverse background includes marketing and selling security, networking, cloud, and enterprise software solutions.

She is a top performing, award-winning leader, with a consistent record of delivering marketing programs, solutions and revenue growth for InfoSec Global, Fortinet, Cisco and Oracle. Claire began her career at Oracle, where she continually exceeded her quota in both channel and direct sales positions. Claire has also been awarded CRN’s Channel Chief, Women of the Channel and Power 100 awards.

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