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"The most empowering tech event I've ever attended"

Technical Lead, TLT LLP

Speakers include

Rachana Bhide

News Broadcaster and Global Talent Lead @ Bloomberg Engineering

Cassie Kozyrkov

Chief Decision Scientist @ Google

Arquay Harris

Director of Engineer @ Slack

Leah McGowen-Hare

Senior Director @ Salesforce

Anshu Kak

Vice President & Distinguished Engineer @ IBM

Miriam Daniel

Vice President @ Amazon Alexa

Deborah Kirkham


Uma Meyyappan

SVP, Co-Lead Innovation Research and Development, Innovation Group @ Wells Fargo

2019's Technology Focus

The Future of Tech

Disrupt or be disrupted! Which tech change agent will you become?

Topics include:

  • Your journey to truly cognitive technology: From robotics, RPA, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, A.I. and beyond!
  • Big data and analytics - Creating change agents to win the data science war
  • To the intelligent edge – The next IT transformation?

The 2019 Tech-Pulse

Master today’s tech possibilities to best position yourself for the future!

Topics include:

  • Beyond data lakes – How to turn data-driven decision making into practice?
  • Evolving cloud – Distributed tech, edge computing and its overlay implications
  • Automation – The changing face of security in an increasingly cognitive tech world
  • How technology is transforming digital payments – inside and outside of financial services

2019's Business Focus

The Evolution of Work

Lead from the front by embracing instead of fearing the modern-day work environment.

Topics include:

  • Fit for purpose recruitment practices to attract the workforce your future business needs
  • Work/life balance – creating space for wellbeing and productivity
  • Embracing the new project practices – Agile vs. Kanban vs. Waterfall

Founder Focus - Changing the World through Entrepreneurship

Learn from fellow founders' success stories & gain practical advice on how to scale your business.

Topics include:

  • What to consider when investing in technology?
  • Outsourcing vs. in-housing your tech & tech teams - which way to go?
  • Creating your pitch-deck - what to include & what should it look like?

2019's People Focus

Career Guidance & Personal Development

Upskill yourself for the modern workforce!

Topics include:

  • Practical tips & tricks for navigating your way into a tech-specific career
  • The fundamentals of changing careers at any age
  • Demystifying having it all

Diversity, Inclusion and You!

Diversity and Inclusion – can we afford not to in the era of digital change?

Topics include:

  • Ageism – as working life extends into our 70’s how will it impact you?
  • Upskilling fast – adapting to an ever-changing tech sector landscape
  • Pay gaps – looking into the true state of affairs and understanding the psychology of pay gaps

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“A two-day global tour that brings brilliant, innovative, creative & powerful women together.”

Director, Technical Product Management, Discovery

“Empowering, inspiring & motivating. I came back a different person, with clarity of what I want to achieve & believing that I can achieve it.”

Sales Enablement Lead, VMWare

“A treasure trove of new perspectives on career growth & success.”

Senior Secure Application Engineer, Ellation