Hear forward-thinking perspectives from the leading minds in tech who are utilizing the power of their influence to drive solutions to some of society's biggest challenges and build equity to inspire future generations to come.

Topics Include

Become A Futurist Leader

As a leader, you will want to always be focused and think about the future, but how can you continue to innovate when dealing with daily unprecedented challenges? Learn the attributes of becoming a forward-thinking leader by creating a robust plan for the future that leaves room for the unexpected and allows you to build a culture of innovation within the remits of what you can control.

Break Through The Career Plateau

Remove limitations on your career by taking charge of your own path. Learn the importance of building your network to open the door of opportunity to expand your reach of influence and keep your career from hitting the glass and concrete ceiling.

Reinventing The Future of Silicon Valley

Where do the opportunities lie for the future of a once-envied legacy tech hub? Join us as we explore the growth industries working to shake up the antiquated playbook of Silicon Valley and the opportunities facing women to build a career in areas focused on designing solutions to some of society's biggest challenges.

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