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Codess is a community for female coders initiated by Microsoft. Codess was established to explore ways to promote gender diversity in the engineering field. Codess aims to inspire female coders and help them achieve their professional goals. Through sponsorships, networking events, mentoring and sharing advice, we hope to offer a forum to women unlike any other. Codess delivers a series of worldwide events, workshops and sponsorships from academia through to the executive level. With events across the World, Codess is continuously growing and servicing the International engineering communities.


Founded in 2013, The Latinas in STEM Foundation (LiS) is dedicated to inspiring and empowering Latinas to pursue and thrive in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related fields. A national non-profit organization, its founders are Latina MIT alumnae seeking to effectuate substantive change in their communities.

Latinas in STEM’s mission is to inspire students at the K-12 and college levels to pursue STEM educations and careers. To achieve this mission, we developed a comprehensive, three-tiered pipeline.


Our mission is to empower and inspire women to be bold, confident, and lean in to their greatest potential. We aim to build a supportive, inclusive, and dedicated community where all members are encouraged to play a part in creating a world of 50:50 gender equality. We’re all active participants in changing the way women are perceived in the workplace and in society.


LWT's flagship program is WILpower, a nine-month series of interactive workshops with networking opportunities and events. Registration is now open for 2018 programs in Palo Alto, San Francisco, NYC, and Seattle! Learn more about LWT programs, events, and community at


AngelHack, a female-owned, female-majority company is the world’s largest and most diverse developer ecosystem, helping to drive open innovation of tech products, platforms and brands with extraordinary smarts, scale and speed. Known as pioneers of global hackathons for more than five years, AngelHack’s 130,000+ developers, designers, and entrepreneurs around the world compete to build, test and launch new solutions over the course of a weekend. The HACKcelerator program and other education initiatives connect ambitious developers with thought leaders and experienced entrepreneurs to help them become more versatile, entrepreneurial and successful as change-makers.

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