WOMEN IN SILICON VALLEY - Business Resilience

Talent and Workforce Evolution

From Product to Marketing to Design, being able to adapt to change is essential to building a successful business. Resilience impacts every aspect of the organization and its operational capabilities - from recruitment & retention of the best people, onboarding right through to customer experience.

In this track you will learn how to connect with your customers, recruit, nurture and retain the talent you need to run successful operations and ultimately craft an inclusive, diverse company culture that leverages your best people .

Topics Include:

Workforce of the Future

With working from home and the gradual movement towards hybrid working, what is the future of the workforce? Explore what team collaboration, workforce engagement, and work-life balance will look like going forward.

Tech talent

This session is for those senior leaders at a loss on how to find, attract and develop the best and brightest minds in the industry

Evolving, Inclusive Diverse Cultures

Tech industry companies face many challenges in creating inclusive and diverse cultures, this session walks you through Heather’s journey of her breakthroughs into new cultural grounds

Speakers Include: