Career Development Gameplan

Whether you're looking to transform your workplace culture or want to learn how you can thrive as an individual this track is for you. Discover how to create a supportive culture when you engage in sessions on mentoring, transitioning to leadership and how to thrive with more confidence, self-advocacy and workplace visibility. You’ll develop as an individual and see the impact on your team's achievements and ultimately the company's bottom line.

The level of change tech teams have faced recently has never been witnessed before; from females feeling less visible amongst colleagues in a virtual world, to learning how to forge relationships with key contacts and colleagues within and external to the organisation.

Topics Include:

Strategic Conversations - Mentoring And Beyond

How to create and leverage your mentoring relationships, have powerful conversations, transform your development and kickstart your career development gameplan

Transitioning to Leadership

Are you getting in your own way? This session tackles those personal blocks and doubts that get in the way of the leadership golden opportunity

Gaining Visibility & Marketing Your Value

it’s proven that self advocacy leads to career growth. These sessions explore self promotion, imposter syndrome and confidence - all tools that will help you communicate your value and boost visibility

Speakers Include: