Tech Resilience

We'll be taking a deep-dive into the future of tech, from cybersecurity, cloud computing to customer experience and everything in between. You'll learn about the latest developments in tech and the steps you need to take to build resilience through the technology you use

Topics Include:

o Machine Learning Implementation

o Evolving To The Edge

o Blockchain-As-A-Service

o Big Data Processing


Business Resilience

Exploring the workforce of the future, tech talent and recruitment, this track will offer an exclusive hands-on guide to shaping the future of business that aligns with your culture and purpose. Whether you're looking to transform your workforce, learn how businesses are adapting to serve customers or understand how product is the key to your success, this track does just that. As an individual, your contribution to shaping the future of your workforce begins here.

Topics Include:

o Employee Health & Wellbeing

o Getting tech team buy-in

o Hybrid Working Models

o Compassionate Cultures


Career Resilience

Ensure that the next step in your career development will make a positive impact on your future. Learn the skills and equip yourself with the tools that will enable you to adapt to the changing tech landscape, promote innovation, creativity and collaboration and future proof your career.

Topics Include:

o Career Development Mentoring

o Impactful Influencing

o Gaining Visibility

o Transitioning to Leadership


Tech For Good

Silicon Valley is positioning itself to be the global tech hub for good. Attend these sessions to hear all about developments - from workforce development initiatives and women on boards to the role of academia. Be a part of the discussions and conversations around the gearing up of the region’s transition.

Topics Include:

o Attracting & Retaining Tech Talent

o Technology Workforce Development

o Future of Women in Tech

o Tech for Good

Join Us In May 2022