However you network best, Women of Silicon Valley 2022 has the feature for you. Whether you're a rookie when it comes to building your network and just getting started, or a routined networking professional, we're making it easy to make the connections that matter!

Structured Networking

There will be an array of features taking place throughout the event to support and encourage professional connections to flourish.

Meet The Speakers

All speakers will be opening up the floor following their session for Q&A. They will also be making themselves available throughout the 2 days to continue the conversation with all attendees.

The Power of Face-To-Face

We're saying goodbye to transactional, virtual interactions and welcoming back the power of face-to-face engagement.

Gain Insight

From keynotes, track presentations, and interactive hands-on workshops, you'll gain access to thought-provoking, educational and advanced talks from tech heavyweights.

Interactive Workshops

Whether it's soft skills or technical deep-dives you're after, our 30+ workshops taking place are sure to fulfil your appetite.

Powerful Keynotes

We'll be kick-starting both mornings with a series of impactful keynotes that set the tone for the energy, learnings, and insights for the rest of the day.

Technical Deep-Dives

As technical professionals, we know how important cutting-edge technical insight is to you. We'll have an unrivaled line-up of technical specialists discussing advanced technical concepts to satisfy your thirst for new tech.

Supercharge Your Career

Take control of your career progression with coaching, mentorship, and guidance to future proof your career.

Soft-Skills Sessions

As the industry becomes more digitalised, we'll support you in adding new skills to your professional repertoire so you can secure a competitive advantage.

Access To Mentors

With 1500+ mid-senior level women in tech together in one place, there is no better opportunity to identify and establish both short & long-term mentorship relationships.

Be Empowered

Through the power of knowledge sharing and storytelling, you'll leave the two-day event with a newfound belief and confidence in your ability to advance your career.

Join Us In May 2022